Lisää seuraa Suomussalmella

Hi everyone!
I want to thank you all for your encouraging comments and best wishes. They mean a lot to me as I realise that you’re enjoying the pictures and text I’m writing. At the same time it feels unbelievable that those combined can make you feel like you are on the journey also. So I thank you again.
Yesterday I departed from a camp nearby the village called Juntusranta. I was again woken up by the heat radiating from the sun, so I decided to have a little swim in a lake instead of having one in my sweat. There was this local fisherman who, as soon as I came out from my tent, waved his hand and was shouting if I’d like to have some fish. ”No thanks, I only have a small pan and am not able to fry them. I appriciate it though”, I waved and shouted back to him. Friendly man indeed.
Today I was enjoying the company of my friend Antti. We agreed to meet up here in Suomussalmi. Our goal was to attend a guided tour of the Raate road which was the war stage for one of the most important victorious battles in Finnish war history. It took place here in Suomussalmi during the war that raged between Finland and Russia also known as the Winter War. It was really interesting to hear the whole story in a four hour long ”nut shell” and to visit the very places where these horrific yet miraculous war actions took place.
So the rest of the day I’ve been very thankful to have the chance to go on this journey and paddle through this independent country of ours.
I’d like to make posts also in english but I’ve realised that unfortunately I haven’t got the time or the skills to do it proberly. Maybe some other time.

Antti, thank you for your visit here and all the arrangements you made to make our tour successful. The guide you chose was excellent.

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  1. Oi vau, sulla on siellä ihan kesäsäät, kun täällä kotona sataa vettä ja lämpöasteet on tuskin toisellakymmenellä. 😀
    Kauniita kuvia. 🙂

  2. Kauniita kuvia, nämä ja kaikki aikaisemmatkin. Niitä on aina kiva katsella. Minä olen muuten ajanut ajokortin Suomussalmella vuonna -83. Oi niitä aikoja, kuuluu kaiketi huokaista tähän kohtaan. Onnellisia melomisia sulle edelleen!

  3. Tere Jukka! Kiitollisuus on tällä puolella. Hienoa oli nähdä ja kuulla pikkasen tarkemmin vaiheista… Raakaa on leikki…. Antaa hyssyttää….


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