Briefly in english

Jukka SaukkoHi!

My name is Jukka. I  come from western parts of Finland from a town called Seinäjoki.

I got a book for a present few years ago called ”four trips through Finland” written by Erkki Lampén. After I had read it I became very interested in the subject of making a trip of my own ”through Finland”. Paddling. By kayak. Now after few years of dreaming and considering the trip is actually going to happen. In the beginning of June 2016.

I´ll write/post observations and thoughts during my trip on a daily/weekly basis depending on circumstances. I´ll be adding photos on to this site as my journey continues along the approx. 2150km/1300mi route from the northernmost Finland, Nuorgam to the southernmost place of Finland.




The planned route consists of paddling on rivers, lakes, creeks and sea. Collapsible cart onboard allowed to drag kayak over watershed boundaries.